Website Design

Your web design needs to say just the right thing about your company so it needs to be modern, professional and show your customers how good you or your products really are without ever meeting you or seeing your products.

A dated website can cause a customer to quickly hit the back button before your website has even finished loading so it makes sense to update your website every few years to keep it modern and fresh and inline with your company image.

Have a look at your website to see if it looks dated, would you trust the business selling from it.? Like are there flashing bright cartoons, and lots of blue links, if so it’s time to take another look.

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5 stars logo

Individual needs met, good quality of service, time sensitive managed well, good quality merchandise which passes colour retention tests in both hot and cold washes after blackcurrant spillage. friendly and approachable too… no question is too daft and tries to meet all needs


“I have used Jane for several different things over the years, from party invites to posters, even recently for a sentimental photo edit.. every single time the work I have received has been nothing short of amazing! Would highly recommend not just her work but the woman herself.. very friendly and approachable! You will not be disappointed.”


“Fantastic logo and website design… Listened to my needs and wants around my business and designed something that perfectly represented it.”


“Projects delivered on time and within budget, We would use Jane at Purple Patch for future work without hesitation.”