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Graphic design is more than just pictures and drawings, it is the art of communication, and problem-solving through imagery. For large or small businesses this is a great way to engage with customers and is a key component in the marketing world overall to build brand awareness and influence the customer’s decision-making process.

Did You Know?

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

People respond better to photos and graphics, it sparks more interest and engagement so it can be a difficult task to grab the attention of online users if all you have is a page of text.


To work well a Website Design needs to have a strong visual presence to keep the viewers’ interest whilst providing interaction in a positive and easy to use way.

Graphics are a great way to connect more emotionally with your audience but due to them only being static 2D they don’t allow clients to connect with you and this is where your Website Design takes your branding to the next level by allowing clients to interact with your webpage or blog articles through the use of Links, Buttons, Forms, Comments etc. before you lose their interest.

A Page of text is not an interesting proposal for most viewers and they will click the back button in less than a blink of the eye so your website layout needs to be appealing to the viewer.


About Me

Clients tell me I’m different from other designers, that I’m a designer who thinks and who has the creative touch and genuinely “gets” them, so that’s why they keep coming back and sending referrals.

Clients tell me that:

I’m perceptive and intuitive in understanding them and their needs and they love that I create a brand that truly reflects who they are and what their business is about whilst working with their ideas too.

I do the research into your target audiences, your competition and your project as there is no better way to bring success to a project than through research and planning.

I do what I say. You’ll get prompt answers to your e-mails, a live person on the phone and if I’m in a meeting, I’ll return your call as soon as possible. I deliver what I say I’ll deliver within the time frame agreed, upon or by your deadline.

Tel: 01664 650045

Recent Work


5 stars logo

“Awesome creativity & patience! Jane took on our concept brief and has created a very user-friendly, impactive website. Her tenacity in ensuring accurate content and her determination has focused our minds. Thanks for all your help and support!”


“Purple Patch Design – Five Stars!

Throughout the whole process of Jane creating our new website, she was professional, helpful and extremely patient.

Nothing ever seemed too much and she was always there at the end of the phone/email whenever we needed guidance.”


“Working with Jane has been the easiest experience of design work I have ever had. Brilliant!”


“Jane is such a talented designer with a great eye for anything current, who will work endless hours to ensure her work is perfected. I would highly recommend her for any design work you need doing; from start-up logos to a complete overhaul/redesign. Jane has the patience of a saint which is always good, especially when there are so many great designs to choose from! Thanks so much for everything.”


“Great designs, excellent service and very prompt. highly recommend.”


“Jane is an absolute pleasure to work with. Excellent service from start to finish. I cannot recommend highly enough!”


Let’s Work Together


Exciting projects deserve an exciting designer with a passion for your project.

Get in touch if you want to work with someone who cares about your designs as much as you do.