Stephen Mark Maughan – Music Producer


I was contacted by a gentleman currently sailing around the Mediterranean with his family on the adventure of a lifetime. To help with the ongoing costs of his travels he now wanted to compose and sell music, something which he had had a passion in for years but had never attempted.

He wanted a simple website where people could look him up and follow his blog if they wished but also get a sample of his music and links to where his music was for sale.

Stephen had 2 lines of music he composed, the first being an orchestral feel and the second a dance feel and he wanted both of these to be available. The website was created with the influence of both these music genres but keeping the colours simple with black, white, and gold.

I connected his webpage to all of his music sales pages such as SoundCloud, Spotify, Amazon and left a selection of music that could be listened to also.

The main thing with this website was to make and keep it simple and train Stephen and his wife how to make the changes themselves so going forward they wouldn’t be reliant on me and they could change the website however they wished. Therefore I carried out a comprehensive training session over 2 hours to allow them to feel confident and now they happily make changes as and when they need to.

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